Another Perspective: Sheep things

The other day, my friend, Barb, and I were chatting about things happen in this world -or at least our world... Then upon responding to my saying, she said, "but life is full of choices!" (If you know her, then you know that particular sentence is not just a slogan for her.)
But, it IS true, you see, that life is indeed full of choices. Now, perhaps you're wondering what in the world am I talking about, aren't you?
Actually, I just watched this funny commercial on tivi. This soft drink commercial shows a herd of sheep (a lot of sheep) taking over a school. They are everywhere: school yard, school alley, teachers room, restroom, classrooms. They chew a female teacher's skirt (wonder why?), and then they are in a classroom where our 'star' is sitting. Here, they do a real mess by taking over the teacher's seat, going up to the students' desks, and CHEWING the exam papers! And our star, what is he doing? He is laughing heartily to the fact that the exam is ruined! Suddenly there is a tap on his shoulder and the teacher is standing next to him with exam paper on his hand asking, "What is so funny about?"
There goes a beautiful dream of sheep chewing the students' exam papers...
So, our star here chooses a herd of sheep that cancels his exam: Not a fire, an earthquake, a bomb, or any other scary things -while actually, he could choose to have an ugly threatening disastrous wish! Do you see what I mean by PERSPECTIVE then? If life is full of choices, we surely can choose our own perspectives. Ugly or pretty, heartbreaking or peaceful, your choice, my man!


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