For Better and Worse

For better and worse?
What do you have in mind when you hear that phrase? A good marriage? Taking someone when s/he is unbelievably amazing, and at the same time willing to take someone when s/he is ridiculously screwed up?
Well, actually, these last 3 days, my hubby -who's been with me for 3.5 years, not to mention another 10 years of rather faithful relationship- has had to put up with my worse...

Image hosted by For 3 consecutive days, my cooking sucked!

First, I spoiled my spinach. Second, my fu yung hai turned into scrambled egg. Third, my fish meatballs became... flour balls with no fish taste at all! Then today, my fried noodles became fried noodles porridge!!!
I know that I wasn't born a cook. I had never cooked for all my life before I set foot here in Japan! I know that! But, this is worse! Or worst! 3 days in a row! All this time I've managed to survive the cooking time by continuous persistance on following procedure, meaning I always follow whatever the recipe tells me to do from number one to one hundred, and a talent of being able to identify a delicious food when I eat one. For 5 months, I've managed to cook edible, digestable, nutrious, and tasy food. Although it's not a pro's kind of delicious, it's okay. Edible.

Image hosted by But these 3 days have probably not been digestable, nor tasty! I wish I knew what happened with my spinach. Don't even have any ideas! It just went spoiled! Then, the fu yung hai, the contents: minced beef and leeks are too many. They wouldn't mixed with the eggs! Image hosted by
After that I did a terrible mistake with the fish meatballs -or supposed to be one- because I didn't smoothen the fish meat (?). I just mixed the fish with the flour and all! Image hosted by Image hosted by I didn't know the recipe said anything like gotta smooth the fish, until I finished mixed all the ingredients...
And lastly, this morning, the noodles became half porridge! Image hosted by What happened? I boiled the noodles too long... I was busy playing with Hikari... Image hosted by The taste is actually okay. It's just the noodles are too soft to be called noodles, if you know what I mean.
I wish my hubby can put up with my worse cooking for some time, by remembering the better days earlier. About Hikari? I've successfully taught him not to be fanatic with the taste and shape of food... He can survive!

photos by corbis


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