Love it while you can...

I've been very suspicious about this.
He is like glued to me.
Wherever I go, whatever I do, whenever...
It's not like he demands to go with me when I want to do some errands. Oh, I have no objection to let him come with me to those places where I go.
Instead, it's on those times when I have deadlines to finish, work to do, reports to make, WHEN I CANNOT MOVE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER that he always puts himself around me, calling me, asking for my attention, calling me, calling me, calling me...

"Mama, look here!"
"Mama, hold this!"
"Mama, watch me do this!"
"Mama, why...?"
"Mama, how...?"
"Mama, what...?"
"Mama, mama, mama, mama!"

And HIS DAD is just a few meters away DOING NOTHING!

Right now, above my pressured feelings and rushed adrenalin, I'm taking a deeeeeep breath, holding his face between my hands, looking directly at his eyes, forcing the sweetest smile I have, and hearing myself saying, "tell me again about Monster Lochness?"

He is getting older fast and I cannot waste time by looking away.


    hehehe... anak-anak (apalagi yang laki-laki) emang selalu gitu kok ke ibunya, biar kita lagi di kamar mandi tetep aja diketok, padahal sang babe ya cuma lagi leyeh2 aja....

    tapi dinikmati aja Dev, mumpung masih bisa, bentar lagi kalo mereka udah suka keluyuran.. wah, udah susah deh... :)

    hehehe... bentar lagi Akbar yg kayak gitu yak... poor lil sister I have :-)

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