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I don't know if it's busy-ness, boredom, or simply mindless-ness (if such thing ever exists). I do know, however, it's been circulating like virus. First, Pak Dhe went MIA, then Nenek went AWOL, and finally I just couldn't find the right words to write in my blog. Gosh, it was so easy to follow their lead and just forget about this blog.

Naturally, when s**t happens, people I'm busy to find something to blame. Or someone. Or both. In my case, it's easier to blame my work load and the people behind it. I'm just a human being after all.

Lately, my work has been draining my positive energy. I have learned that I should not write anything, or even be near any writing tools (paper, notebook, notebook, tabletop...) when my positive energy level is low. I have learned, though, that kick-boxing-kind of aerobics IS the best place to be when my positive energy level needs recharging.

Then there was this day when I was so fed up with something, and then someone, and then both, but I couldn't get my trainer to give me a private kick-boxing session. Eventually I wrote 'My Life Doesn't Begin At Work' for my FB status. In no time, people gave comments. How nice.
One friend wrote '... it just ends there', which was quite amusingly catchy if I was in a different mood. Another friend put '... but it revolves there', which was also amusing but of course I would never admit that to him. I will admit, though, that my life is indeed kind of revolving around my work. And I hate that very much. I also know the only thing that can stop my work from ruining my life is to turn off my cell phone. Period.

There was this movie about a daughter who felt burdened by her father's certain expectations on her. The daughter wanted to go on with her life but she couldn't because she felt it would be like betraying her dear father. That would be what would happen if I turned off my cell phone. It would be like betraying my friends while they were in a combat field. Then I remembered what an old lady said to this miserable daughter. The old lady took the daughter's cell phone and turned it off. She then said, "sometimes what you need is simply to turn off the phone".
I don't have an old lady who can grab my phone and turn it off for me.
So, I decided to do it myself.

Message of the day: when you feel that the world gives you too much pressure, you can always turn off the phone. PHONE! Do not turn off the internet connection you use for blogging!


    maksudnya tulisan ini kalo lagi suntuk, maka HP dimatikan aja. gittu ya..
    kok gak nyambung...
    hihihi.. jadi bingung..

    waaaaksss, kenapa gue dibilang AWOL...

    On 12:50 am, June 27, 2009 Anonymous said...

    hayoh......berguna banget ilmu yang di postingnya...^_^...V salam D3pd

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