Is it too difficult to appreciate others?

If you guys read my previous post, you probably remember that just recently I was busy with a project. Actually right now, I am in the state of enjoying the end of that project's frenzy. I am vacationing my thinking and emotional organs and in the middle of considering taking a week off. Now, let's go back to Saturday.

Saturday morning, the same like you guys, I also watched the news about our police trying to capture the number 1 terrorist in Indonesia. I knew about the whole drama quite later than perhaps most of you. Although I was quite confused on why it took 18 hours to get 1 guy, I was glad they got him anyway. It's like... it's about time!

Then, the second news shocked me more when I learned that the police seized a hundred something kilos of bomb from Jatiasih. Jatiasih? It's like our front yard!
You see, Jatiasih is really near to my house. My parents also live in one part of Jatiasih. And the fact that those people were planning to do Mr. President's house is very terrifying to me. My son goes to the school which is in the same compound as Mr. President's house! I don't care how many soldiers they have put at my son's school. I won't be able to sleep well until the police catch them all! So it won't be difficult to guess my reaction when I learned that the police were able to kill two suspects and capture one.

Saturday evening. The news evolved. Now, the media told us the police caught the wrong guy in Temanggung. He is not the famous Mr. N. He is just Mr. N's accomplice. Soon enough the cheering became sneering. Suddenly, the police's success of uncovering some bomb plots went sour. Nobody cares about the other people captured. And it just doesn't make sense to me. Are they not terrorist enough?! It's like Mr. N or not Mr. N. Even Mr. N's accomplice is not enough for appreciation. What?! An accomplice captured doesn't need a tap on the shoulder and a well-done note?

Just a couple of days before Saturday I also experienced the same thing. Remember the project at my office I was talking about? Remember the hardwork I told you my friends and I had done for the project? Nevertheless, the result was not satisfying due to reasons we didn't quite comprehend yet. The evening before the D day, the most important person in the whole organization told us in the face that WE simply hadn't done our best for the project. Suddenly all of our hardwork was unimportant.

So, guys, how do you usually appreciate other people's work?
Do you appreciate the work only if the result satisfies you? Or do you appreciate the work done well regardless of the result?
Are you one of those people who fancy saying, "I know you have done your best, but your best is not good enough?"
Let me ask you, what is best? Whose standard do you use to define the word best?
I would love to hear that the guy captured Temanggung is really Mr. N as much as you would. However, I appreciate all the hardwork done by the authorities, Mr. N or not Mr. N as long as he is indeed a terrorist. Who are we to judge the police haven't done their best? Unless we have tried to do their job before...


    Tadi siang ada kon-press-nya,ternyata si accomplice juga seyem kan perannya? Hiiii!! Meski 'judul'nya cuma ACCOMPLICE....

    the appreciation is done but it's done behind ur back, dep. trust me.

    saya mah tidak bisa ikutan menghibur. cuma bisa berdoa agar dirimu diberikan kemudahan diantara kesulitan. (ikhlas loh!)

    Paaasss.... bener sama kondisi gue. Dep dep, care to share your view with my boss? Huahahaha....

    Hi Dev.. sayang banget ngga ketemuan yak.
    Ngeri amat itu emang issue bom berikutnya ...

    On 4:30 am, August 21, 2009 Anonymous said...

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