Eventually, I heard the whispers.
What's happening with my blogging frequency?

Ten days passed. I didn't have anything to share in my blog.
It hurts me.

Well, aren't we all?
No idea?
Not really. The truth is I have more than four writings that I don't or won't publish.

But, why?
I am losing a soul. The soul to blog.

While I'm struggling to recuperate, I have one zen reading for you, because it would be impolite of me to give you nothing back while you've made the effort to visit.

Do you want to understand?
The whole world is one of your eyes, the body produced by your parents is a
cataract. All ordinary people ignore the indestructible, marvelously unclear,
unfailingly mirroring eye, and cling fast to the dust cataract produced by the
relationship of their father and mother. Therefore they take illusions for
realities, and grasp at reflections as the physical forms themselves.
Eye and Cataract: Zen by P'u-an.

See you later. Hopefully soon.


    ngeblog jangan dibawa berat
    nyante aja :P

    *nongkrong di emperan kantin*

    kata paman tyo ngeblog itu butuh energi dan kesempatan, jadi ya jangan dibuat terpaksa :D BTW aku dah pindah rumah ya, kalo sempet mapir ke rumah baru saya **

    On 5:17 am, December 19, 2007 nenek said...

    dibawa liburan aja mak. jangan dipaksain. yang penting fun. ya toh ya toh? *maksa*

    oya, met idul adha ya. met tahun baruan juga.

    cuma ilang kan soul nya? belum RIP kan? hehehe

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