One of Those Months

By this time, I should have been awarded with Customer of The Year Award!

Early May, I dragged myself to visit my love-and-hate-kind of place: Unit Gawat Darurat, only to find out that my suspicion was correct.
Again, for the fourth, fifth, sixth? time, I suffered from a typhoid fever.
The doctor told me to rest at the hospital, but I refused.
Oh, no, I knew the drill. I could do it myself at home.
Bedrest, porridge for a whole month, no spicy food, no sambal.
The doctor let me go with a note to come and visit him again in three days.
On the third day, I didn't return to him.

I did return to his colleague -the internist- on the fifth day with something new: a sharp pain below my right stomach.
This doctor had me X-ray-ed, blood tested, and a few other silly tests like bending my legs and doing some kind of ball-kicking.
Then, he told me what he had in mind. "I think you have an appendicitis."
You think?

He gave some drugs and sent me home. Of course, with another note: return to him in 5 days if I don't get any better.
I didn't return to him on the fifth day like he told me to.
And it wasn't because I felt better.

The fourth day I suffered from appendicitis, Hikari got sick. The next day he had high fever, was throwing up, and complained about the pain in his stomach. So, I got him to the hospital.
It was like a joke when his doctor told me, "Not a dengue. Definitely a typhoid fever."
Hikari was sent home with a bag full of drugs, and a wallet full of bills.
Why not hospitalized? Because Papap and I knew the drill.
We thought so.

Fortunately -at that time, we thought- Hikari was getting better soon. His fever was down and he was cheerful all over again. So, the third day after I saw Hikari was really getting better, I decided I wasn't getting better.

I returned to the UGD.
This time, the doctor didn't let me go home.
On the same day, I had to have a surgery to remove my appendix.

The surgery was a success. I stayed at the hospital for 3 days. I was home by Monday evening. Everything seemed to be normal again. Or so we thought. Sigh...

On Thursday, Hikari's condition suddenly became worse. He suffered from a high fever and complained that he felt so cold!
We had to bring him to the ER of Children hospital at 3 o'clock in the morning because he was shaking, feeling cold, and talking in his fever.
At the ER, we met a young and just-graduated-yesterday-kind of General Practitioner. The young doctor gave a medicine for Hikari's fever only and insisted us to return later, not to him, but to Hikari's personal pediatrician.
What's the use of taking Hikari to the ER then?!
But, we complied. 4 hours after the ER, we took Hikari to his pediatrician.
Despite his fever and trembling body, Hikari was sent home with another bottle of medicine.

12 hours later, Hikari wasn't getting better at all. His fever reached 39C, then 40.3C.
We had been to the ER, we had been to his pediatrician.
I was praying, crying, praying and crying. I even forgot about the wet scar on my stomach.
At 8 PM, we took Hikari to another ER. A different ER, with different doctors. My initial UGD.
Fortunately, these different doctors reacted well.
Hikari was soon got his first aid.
Between my crying and praying, I explained in details what happened with Hikari.
Oh, I swore too, for those doctors in the first hospital!

5 days after that, Hikari was sent home with better condition.
It turned out that he had problems in his lungs. The problems use those names I can't even pronounce and spell correctly.
But, Thank God, he's been better since.

So, there we were, Hikari and I, two days at home, feeling week and exhausted.
I was about to feel relieved when...
when, on the third day Hikari was home, Papap went home from work with a high fever.
The next day Papap was brought to the UGD, my and Hikari's UGD. And he has been hospitalized since then. Until now.

And, everytime I turn around at the hospital, there is somebody saying, "Eh, Ibu. Kok masih di rumah sakit?"


    get well soon ya

    thanks for visiting my blog (^_^)

    cepet sembuh ya De. dijaga makannya ya.

    Dev *hugs* ... beruntun2 amat semuanya ya. Semoga seluruh keluarga lekas baek.

    ya ampun mbak berderet-deret
    yang sabar ya n semoga semua cepet sembuh

    haduh, bruntun gini?
    semoga semuanya lekas sembuh

    ya ampun....skarang udah gpp kan dev? moga tetep sehat semuanya ya....

    mbak vina..mas reza udah sembuh yaa?
    semoga sekeluarga ga sakit2 lagi


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