YTIE series: 3) Blogging Before Your Bosses

The internet connection seemed friendly tonight. I used it wisely to open my 4-year-old google reader that I had abandoned and forgotten (the password) for 3 years. Surprise, surprise, I found the blogs I used to visit a long time ago when I could open a site in a blink.

One of those old blogs I used to visit is the wannabegirl. I used to love her pictures and smile at her words. Then tonight I read her post: blogging under pressure. And I felt relieved knowing that I am not alone.

Blogging used to be easy when I knew that only strangers read this crap. Now I’m always worried I’d offend anyone I know if I spoke my mind. -wannabegirl-

Months ago, one of my superiors approached me in a gathering. I rarely talked to him at the office besides we didn't share the same office building. He came to me and said those black-magic words, "You have a very nice blog."

Instead of feeling proud, I felt so discombobulated. Since then, I have been worried too much every time I want to blog about my office life. Crap! Why is it when the office cannot provide you with stress-related insurance, they kill your blogging mood? It's just not fair.

But, enough is enough. I refuse to be intimidated by rank or position or connection or politically correct blogging topics. Starting from today, I will blog selfishly, emotionally (if I have to), ignorantly, mindlessly! And you (pointing my finger to him)! Go get yourself another blogger to mood-kill!


    yah mbak.. dikau kan artis... jangan terintimasi para fans... hihihi

    n i just hope that it's not my blog he switches direction to. But wait a minute, blog is about craps. LOL

    @Kentank: hayah, yang kayak gini gak model jadi artis. Sama fans aja mengkeret kok hahaha

    @Je: you'll never know huahahahaha

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