Have you ever felt broken hearted?

Today I've learnt
it doesn't need love
to break my heart.

A whisper at the end of the phone.
A message on the phone.
A picture on facebook.
They are enough to break my heart.

Don't pity me, please.
Because this pain I've been feeling
is nothing
compared to the pain
they are feeling.

To them, I whisper strength.
To them, I whisper hope.
To myself, I wish I could keep this broken heart for myself.
And by the end of the day, I'd rather choose I didn't have to tell them
about strength and hope.


    Endure like you always do, darling. :-)
    *keeping my fingers crossed for you....*

    I do not exactly know what happened but I do agree on what you wrote. You do not need love to feel that. All you need is heart.

    life is full of wonderful surprises. Just wait behind another door.

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