Dear you. Yes, you.

Do you honestly believe I would say, "no problem. Perfectly understood." when you were late to pick up your child at my house again for the 101 times?
Do you really think I'd be okay and understanding watching my son's tired face because he missed his nap whenever you failed to show up on time?
Do you honestly expect me to give you my sweet smiles after you fail your promises for the 101 times?
And, do you actually think I can be ignorant with the fact that your child was ruining my no-maid-available-place because your child was bored waiting for you?

Geee... Where do all manners go?
Darling, going shopping, watching a movie at the cinema, having a guest at home, cooking an early dinner at 2pm are not, let me repeat, are not good excuses.
So please believe me when I say I do mind your manners, I want you come right row right then, and I don't do lipservicing. If you think otherwise, you are in a deep denial.

Yours truly.

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    oh my Gooood.
    and i thought you're NOT patient.

    I guess someone needs an overhaul.. perhaps a vacation would restore some sanity, dear? :D

    Hugs from West Africa..

    @Daff: ho-oh. Maseeeeh.

    @Kang Ksatrio: I do I do I do... Do you think West Africa is nice for vacation? :)

    org yang sama dengan yg dulu itu????

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