The Last Green Leaves

I left you when the last warm wind blew from the mountains.
You were standing from a far, watching, until my back disappeared at the corner of the street.
Your eyes were tears and you waved in silence.
But, you didn't say goodbye.

I left you when the last sound from the last student in the classroom slowly disappeared.
You sat down in front of me, watching, until my eyes couldn't hold the tears anymore.
Your glasses slowly blurred.
You told me you were afraid you wouldn't have the chance to meet me again.
You knew it would break my heart but I knew it broke your heart more.

I left you when I could still feel the warmth of your palms.
You made me promise things I wasn't sure I could keep.
Your loving smile did nothing to hide the teary eyes you had.
I wore my biggest smile for you but you knew how much I faked it.
Then we both fell to a silent cry.

I left you when the first cold air brushed our face.
You stood a meter away from me trying to grasp everything.
When I hugged you, you wouldn't let me go.
And after that we didn't know whose tears were on our face.

I turned my back from you and got on that bus
when the last green leaves fell to earth.
You knew how much I wanted to turned back again and ran to you
for I didn't want to leave.
But you also knew it was not my call to make, nor yours.
And the bus door closed when I closed my eyes in tears.
I thought home was the right way to go, but I knew I was home already.

Nobody told me it was this difficult.
Three years passed and I'm still longing for you.
I keep telling myself that time will teach me to forget.
Somehow I want it to fail this time.

Please wait for me.
I will come no matter what.
Or how long it will take.
And I will curse anyone who tell me I can't.
I miss you.
I promise you that.


    Y ampun, baca sampe abis gw pikir tentang apaaa gt. Bete. kakakakakak

    write more on this,pleaseeee.:-)

    On 5:46 pm, January 23, 2010 mariskova said...

    @Je: emangnya tentang apa?
    @Daff: you don't want me to write about this again because that means I'm in a terrible state.

    bait demi bait dibaca sambil mengingat lagu atau apa ini yah...nggak nyambung juga dan ternyata...kejutan...

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