Two computer MOUSES or MICE?

We say mice as the plural form of mouse. How about a computer mouse? If you have 2, do you say you have two computer mice or mouses?

This kind of question used to be in my everyday conversation in the office:
"Do you use IS or ARE after collective nouns?"
"What's the past tense of fly?"
"What's the difference between hung and hanged?"
"If a sentence must contain a subject and a predicate, is I AM a sentence?"
"Is this a complex or compound sentence?"

and the list went on and on... every day... books scattered, arguments rising, references mentioned. Teacher's lounge became a battle field. Sometimes the questions are really important to answer because we had students waiting in class. Other times the ones with tireless brains and tons of humor just tried to tickle our tensions.

My friend got this link I found useful. I think, Dave, you should give this link to everyone in the T's lounge so that people won't bother you with questions when you're supposed to finish your monthly report?!

I miss those days, though :(


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