Presenting Indonesia

The last couple of weeks I'd been busy preparing a presentation about Indonesia for an elementary school in Fukaya, Honjo's neighboring city. The presentation was for the 6th. grade elementary students. This was my first time. I'd never had to do this before, nor that I was equipped with anything. I left Jakarta in such a hurry, I didn't have time to 'bring' some Indonesian stuff, just in case. Besides, these are elementary students! They wouldn't care about numbers and fact sheet like how big is Indonesia, how many people we have, how much money we earn, those kinds of stuff. So, when my Japanese sensei asked me to participate, behind my look-eager face, I was panicky. I tried to browse for some pictures, but good pictures I could get so far were about Indonesian nature: beaches, forests, rice fields, and the kinds. I was supposed to find pictures about Indonesian children and their world?! I was annoyed to realize that it was very difficult for me to find GOOD pictures of how Indonesian children commemorate Independence Day: Sepeda hias, balap karung, makan kerupuk, panjat pinang. I came across some pictures of those but they were in poor resolution. I was even more annoyed when I couldn't find DECENT pictures of children wearing their white-red uniforms, scout uniforms, sports uniforms, batik uniforms, and so on. And after a few days, I gave up searching for pictures of traditional toys or games...
Then came the D-day. On Friday, 2 December, three of our (read: Papap's) friends and I did the presentation. The look -curiosity and eagerness- on the students' faces wiped away all our 'hard' work and worries. It was worthy.

The presenters were Indonesian (of course!), Bangladeshi, Myanmar, Mongolian, Kenyan, and Chinese. Can you find them?

Thanks to my friends in Blogfam for your info on how to give this kind of presentation. Special thanks to Pak Le' for your info on the websites.

note: foto udah digedein atas permintaan pemirsa;b


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