Make Up Your Mind, Winter!

If men were ever satisfied with everything, we probably would still live in a stone age. Perhaps.

I should be grateful, actually, that this winter is so far without snow! This time last year, we already had snow in Honjo. Well, not that thick and puffy like the one in Urasa, of course, but we did have snow falling from, you know, above. Technically and honestly speaking though, without the snow -and the rain that usually goes with the snow- we will have no problem going out: shopping, taking classes, shopping, or shopping. But, winter is supposed to be cold, gloomy and, as I-know-you-also-think-like-this, snowy! What's happening now is unacceptable. Not even an iota!
If you were in my room and you looked out of my window, you'd see bright sunny day, clear sunlight, leafy trees, brown grass, and all. And you'd probably think, 'Is it summer, eh?'
Which is not. Not even close, because the key is you've got to stay inside the room to feel this season haze. If you dared to go out, all the illusion of summer warmth would disappear at once. The temperature is still freezing and the wind is still ice-like.
Winter, listen! I don't know what's the matter with you! Make up your mind, are you winter or what?! Bummer!

ps: Sorry for this good-for-nothing posting. Unlike some friends in Niigata who probably have been worried about the snow fall that goes above the normal condition, in Saitama we have been really impatient with the summer-like winter. Aren't you, Mia?
And Mom. Hallooo, Mom! Don't you worry too much about us being in the winter. Of course you watch the news, what else would you be able to do when you watch the tube with Pap. And of course, I know that the news says 70-something people died in Japan because of the harsh winter and snow-related accident, but it's not in Honjo. No. Not in Honjo! Honjo doesn't have snow, yet. Yes, no snow! Good? No, it's not good! It's irritating! What? No, Mom. Winter=snow! It goes like that. It's supposed to go like that, like last year, like last-last year, like forever. And, yes, we're fine. We're sunbathing everyday. Yes, sunbathing... like, in the North Pole.


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