S/he Doesn't Love You Back

He met this girl in a coffee shop. He's been noticing her for a long time, and he's been falling for her ever since. Every day he would come to this shop, knowing she'd be there. But all that time, he never says anything to her, or tries to talk to her. He never has the courage to get near her for she is wearing a ring on her hand, for she always talks about her man. So, he just sits there on his chair, watching her, and falling for her deeper everyday.

I let my mind wandering by this song that I've been listening lately. I'm imagining a coffee shop where a man is sitting alone sipping coffee and watching the girl he loves sitting across the room. And every night he has to bear the pain of seeing the girl go home with her man, not himself. Happy, the two of them. He feels like stopping time so he won't have to see the girl leaving.
What would you do if you love this person, but you know you don't even exist in her/his world? Would you stay invisible, knowing that whatever you feel won't change the fact that s/he's in love with somebody else? Or would you take your chance, making her/him aware of your presence, although that's as far as you can go with her/him?
Being me, I'd just sit there on that chair, watching him... forever.

Even If
by Ken Hirai
"I just happened to notice you," I said a while back, but
the truth is, I wanted to come & take you from a long time ago.
The candle gently flickers on the counter of this shop
You look happy; you gaze at the ring you received from him.
There isn't a drop of me that falls into your heart, but
until this bourbon & Cassis soda runs short,
you are, you are mine
Locking you up, stopping time so you don't leave
I wonder if I'm beginning to get just a little drunk, but those are my true feelings.
It's better if you get a little drunk too
& then it'll be alright to lean on my shoulder
But you drink up all of my words & I look away from you
The conversation pauses; everytime the time wanders when we're together,
you always just repeat everything he says
Your glass is filled up by someone else
After you drink up the bourbon & Cassis soda,
will you, will you return to his heart?
Although I should want to know anything about you,
I light a cigarette to interrupt the talking
Locking you up beyond the last train so you can't go home from this shop,
Right now, it's just self-satisfaction, but those are my true feelings
It's alright if you also get completely drunk & forget about him
but you drink up the leftover bourbon & was worried about the time
I'm pretty drunk, but the blame is on you
Locking you up beyond the last train, stopping time...
(lyric translated by Corichan)


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