I Call These Sane

Pak Le' wants to know how weird I am. Well, to think of it, I'm sure I'm the most sane (sanest?) person in the world. That's right!
But, I agree to tell him, 5 weirdest things about me. For the sake of world peace... (I still think these are sane, though)

1) I think I'm sane when I say: I CAN'T STAND PUBLIC TOILET, along with other private toilets. The thought of going to public toilet can make me hold my nature calls.
I usually hold my 'needs' when I'm outside, and 'outside' includes the office (now, I'd been employed for 10 years!). And, I'm never quick in the toilet, mine or public. The long queue in front of the public toilet just make me more nervous, and take me longer to finish what I've got to finish in the toilet. My solution is: either I avoid a long-queued public toilet, or I tell people not to wait in front of my box.

2) I spend at least 45 minutes in the bathroom. No matter how hard I try to quicken my 'bathing activities', I always bath for more than 45 minutes (Imagine what happen when I get up late and have a meeting to attend).
I think this is hereditary. All of my family members also take a long time in the bathroom, except my mom. When we were kids, my mom put a big (and cheap) portrait of Monalisa on the bathroom wall. It was supposed to freak us out so we finished bathing quicker. It didn't work. We simply turned our back on the picture when we bathed.
ps: the Monalisa portrait is indeed scary!

3) I have a paranoia for dirt, stain, anything that's dirty or anything that I suspect dirty. I avoid touching dirty object, and I teach this to my son. I wash my hands hundred times a day. I wash all my clothes right after I wear them; I don't hang them although they 'look' clean enough to wear again the next day. I used to bring spare clothes when I rode a motorcycle because I thought I could see the dirt all over me (Jakarta, remember?!). Then, when I arrived in my destination, I would change my 'motorcycle-riding' clothes with the spare ones. I also change my bedsheet as often as possible, like once every two days. I don't permit anyone using my bed as a 'living room' meaning playing, chatting, gathering in the bed. And, oh, washing up before going to sleep is a must, and it is imposed in my house.
*Come to think of it, I'm sure I was the only kid who was able to produce no stain on my clothes whenever I ate ice cream*.

4) I don't know why but I NEVER consider animals CUTE.

5) Well, may be, the weirdest thing in my life is Papap. Amazingly, surprisingly, luckily, he CAN stand me. *He never comments, he never complains*. Weird enough, I never drive him crazy. I do drive my parents, my bros, and my friends crazy most of the time, though.

Now, I'm supposed to ask the same thing to you, especially Bibib and Ully. What are the 5 weirdest things about you?


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