Update in Brief (trying to)

Okay, I've got a few seconds to spare. I really need to write something on the blog. Or else, I'll blow up...

Well, he's still saying NO, or DON'T, or WON'T, or CAN'T to this and that. The intensity is still a lot, but not so devastating anymore. For the time being. We suspect that he would try again some time later, though. Oh, well.
Actually I've an interesting story about some wise mothers talking about tantrums. But, it'd be for next time. Just so I can have something to write about...

My Mum
She's still calling. Not for me, as you have guessed, but for Hikari. The last time she called she had a request: she wanted Hikari back in Indonesia. Like, right now...
Mum: When are you going back here? (This is her she-actually-knows-the-answer-already question)
Me: Mom, you know when.
Mum: No, I'm talking about now. Not later. When are you visiting us? (She used the word 'visiting')
Me: Not now.
Mum: Papa is sick. He keeps talking about Hikari.
Me: Okay. Tell him Hikari is fine.
Mum: You should (with the intonation of MUST) come back. Together with Hikari.
Me: I can't. Why don't you and Pap come here?
Mum: I CAN'T. I have a job, and your father can't travel.
Me: Well, Mom, I have a job, too, you know.
Mum: No, you don't.
Me: *Sigh. I know I don't. She's right again. Like always.*

My Dad
He is indeed sick. He misses Hikari too much. This -believe it or not- influenced Hikari. Out of the blue, Hikari asked me to return to Indonesia. Well, well...

With the deadline of his thesis coming, he sleeps less -which is a BIG surprise-, and he's losing more weight... and hair. His only consolation is most of his friends suffer the same thing.

Let me see...
-->My mood is improving. Thanks to the gift from Papap (written earlier). The gift surprisingly made us, at first, curious, and then involved us in a really deep discussion, which eventually turned into a rising argument. We haven't had any conclusion yet, but I'm sure I'll win because 1) I'm more selfish than Papap. I have to win. 2) Papap doesn't like argument. He'd rather leave it to me as I please...
-->I still have 4 unfinished drafts (redundant, eh?) which I've got to make them finish before mid of March, or... I'm in trouble.
Have you ever wondered why deadlines always come at the same time?
-->I let my hair grow longer. Papap called me 'gonjes' already. He always believes that I and long hair are bad equation. It's not that I don't want to cut it short, I just don't feel like going out where it's cold. Freezing cold. And rainy. So, my recent pictures will be me and my silly long hair. Not to mention spiky, bushy, and messy.
-->Two weeks from now, Papap is going to an out-of-town conference for a week. I've already sensed nervousness in myself. I've never been alone with Hikari only, before. Don't get me wrong. I so adore Hikari, but being with him 24 hours for 7 days is another story! You haven't asked Hikari. He is probably more nervous than I am... Wish me luck. I really need it.
-->In two-week time, Papap and I have to 'brainwash' Hikari about Papap's trip. We have to tell him from now on that for a week there will be just himself and me... Waks! Hikari is rather unique about this. He requires both of us to be present. When one of us is out of his sight, he usually gets very cranky.
-->Oh, we cancelled the second trip to Nakazato ski-jo (ski resort) because of Papap's tight schedule. To compensate for this, the three of us are going to _ _ _ _ _ _ for the Spring holiday. Bib, fill in the blank, please... :))

Well, that's all from now. Not as brief as I've expected :b


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