Not Today

Honjo-Waseda Dormitory, the Forest, 10 February 2006
Seeing the sky. Wishing. Praying. Please God, not today.


No Life is useless and no day is vain,

For God has a purpose for sunshine and rain

All are discouraged and everyone cries

But we're never alone beneath cloudy skies,

All hearts can break... they're fragile as glass

But God will mend them, and this too shall pass.

Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail

So follow your dream whatever the trail,

For no one's a loser who gives it his best,

And you can stand tall above all the rest.

Those who are faithful are noble at heart,

And no life is useless when God has a part.

Be swift to give praises and slow to complain....

God has a purpose for sunshine and rain.

Shalini Ramraj


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