As the personification of Idefix, Obelix’s cute little dog in Asterix and Obelix, I am furious slash angry slash mad slash enraged slash infuriated slash upset to read the news about the preparation set by the government to welcome His Majesty George W. Bush. I don’t care about the: why he is coming, where he is coming or when, how he is coming, who is going to meet, whom is going to see him, what mission he is carrying, which party is going to protest against him, bla bla bla… I don’t care. Besides, those things don’t matter. What we will do about those things- that matters.
However, I am, really, am FURIOUS when I learned where he will be getting off!!! That man is going to get off his big-bad helicopter in BOGOR BOTANICAL (and historical) GARDEN, next to a pond filled with beautiful lotus flowers, among thousand collections of hundred-years-of-age plants, and at the same time, sacrificing the green grass. Dear God, whhhyyyy thereeeeeeee? This is so worth protesting!


    *bawain golok buat si mamak, juga gambar honjo yang asri nan cantik*

    walaaah, si "semak" mau dateng. Lho lewat kebon raya? ooo mau jadi tambahan koleksi kali dia turun di situ.

    yang perlu disalahin adalah pemerintah. kayak kerbau dicocok hidung kalo sdh berhubungan dengan hal berbau amrik.

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