The World Continues...

I wholeheartedly believed that this senior colleague of mine didn't mean any harm.
That was why I just laughed when she asked me innocently, "So, your grandma finally passed away?"

I got faint tears on my eyes when I laughed. The tears were not because I hated the question. They were because I still missed my grandma a lot.
But, I know that life goes on. I just have to make my brain and my heart agree at each other at this moment. And I am sure they will.
At least I know my grandma always remembers March 8.

Thank you my friends for your sympathy. Thank you for your prayers.

I quoted this story for you all from my favorit book: Ex and The City by Alexandra Heminsley. It's not about Losing Someone. But, the pain -she describes- so perfectly illustrates how I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks.

Getting dumped is grim.
But there's something particularly awful about the way that life just carries on around you after it's happened. No one's noticed your entire life has swung on its axis: the world continues to turn, the stuff to do keeps mounting up, and the bills still have to be paid. Disgraceful. (p 61)


    On 9:39 am, March 08, 2008 Bekti said...

    Happy Birthday Sis!!!
    May Allah SWT bless you and family....always. Tetap sehat ya...Kapan kumpul lagi nih? Sekali lagi selamat ya, salam dari Linda dan Azka.

    My condolences on the recent passing of your beloved grandma. May her soul rest in peace. May her grand daughter stay spirited.

    Susahnya si ibu satu ini dihubungin pas hari B'day. Kirain lagi sibuk ngerayain. Hehehe...

    Eniwe, semoga sehat selalu, tambah berkah, tambah wise, tambah harmonis keluarganya, tambah sukses, aanddd... tambah anak? Weits! hehehe...

    Hap Hap Happy Birthday again Mak. Semua yang terbaik kudoakan buatmu.

    happy birthday mbak...tahun ini juga thaun pertama aku ultah tanpa nenek...:(
    3 weeks before my 30th b'day,she passed away

    aha tanggal 8 rupanya, met ultah mbak, selalu ditunggu pencerahannya ya :D

    slamet ulang tahun mak. kado minta sama yang di bogor aja.

    Wah ultah ya Dev ... happy belated birthday ya!

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