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The party is over. Now, I guess, I'm left with moral responsibilities to tell you how the party was, how my impression is.

I didn't stay until the last session. I left after lunch because my friends had some boring things to do (haha!) and I had to be back with Hikari who has a mild fever.
Anyway, for this PB08, I can't help comparing between the first and the second parties. Of course, still they both are incomparable by nature.

First, I cannot say that this year Pesta Blogger was attended by more people than the previous party. The PB08 was still crowded with people. Besides, I'm not good at numbers, I don't want to be held responsible for any statistic mishap. One thing for sure, the number of sponsors was overwhelming yesterday. We all got nice souvenirs and a lot of junk fliers. I especially love the paper bag printed with Pesta Blogger symbol on it. I collect paper bag, indeed.

The place where the PB08 was held was I thought more convenient for gathering than the previous place. The room had a balcony. Now, this is the tricky part. Most people who chose to sit in the balcony couldn't really pay attention with the discussions below (on the stage). My friends and I were no exception. We were busy taking pictures, chitchatting, gossipping, clapping hands... you name it. The problem was there was a considerable distance from the stage to the balcony. In the balcony, we were safe to do whatever we wanted to do. If you didn't feel like listening to the discussions and had an urge to take pictures, chitchatting, the balcony is your place of refuge.

This year Pesta Blogger also had more formal discussions, not to mention the speeches. As a teacher, I was used to speeches and discussions. Not necessarily loving them, though. As for other bloggers around me, I couldn't say the same thing. It was kind of sad (like the Oh-I-wish kind of sad), considering the discussion with the foreign bloggers was actually interesting. I also wish the moderator could dig deeper when the foreign bloggers were talking, not just asking how they felt about being in Indonesia. It's so tourist-ish. And probably, for the next time, the committe could figure out some formats of discussion that can engage most participants. To tell you the truth, speech -the formal one- is not one of them.

And then there is one thing: The theme of PB08 is Blogging for Society. It's really an interesting topic. Unfortunately, until the end of the first session (before lunch break), I couldn't get what actually the committe wanted by having that theme, or what they wanted the bloggers to do with the theme. Or may be I missed it? Shouldn't they have told us what Blogging for Society was? Or why? or How? Probably it's just in my nature to ought to have everything clear, explained, directed. I kept waiting the time when the committee would tell us, "Okay, guys, so now you know what Blogging for Society is. Then, go out there and do it!" You know, a kind of mass action. For the betterment of our country, of course.

Lunch, on the other hand, was in a better arrangement than the previous year (hahaha...). I guess the committee finally realized that in event like this, you simply cannot have a serve-yourself (buffet?) lunch.
All and all, I had a great time. I met friends from the previous party. I met new ones too. I even managed to take a picture with the chairman (*chuckled*). My rombongan sirkus also came, although two of them couldn't make it (your loss, guys). We even had a resolution to set up a blogger community (hopefully, this is not just a resolution). I went home with stories for Papap (he couldn't attend because one of us had to take care of Hikari).

Yes, this year's party has an air of more formality (and some complained about it) but it has more detailed arrangement. Most things were nicely and neatly in order. I wish I could stay longer. In the end, BRAVO for the committe! Good job!

And for those who were present in spirit and wishes, I wish you were there with us too!
Pesta Blogger

My rombongan sirkus: Sitha si baju coklat and Kenny si kaos putih. We disconnected our line with the office for the day. Well, at least two of us did and one of us tried to hahaha...

With Sir Mbilung. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to meet NengJeni. Another time, mbak?


    hehe, tetep aka judulnya pamer ke orang di NY :D

    i love you Mamak *peyuk peyuk mamak jepun*

    duuuh...senengnya aku bisa foto bersama denganmu

    @Iway: hihihi... tau aje...

    @FM: mangkenye, dateng dong!

    @Ndoro: wah, sama-sama Ndoro. Disini juga seneng kok ;D

    Hehehehe... it seems that we've agreed on so many things...

    Take me to PB09! ;-)

    Makin seru kayaknya ya Dep. Mudah2an ntar suatu waktu gw bisa hadir deh. TFS ya.

    aku absennnnnnn.....

    fotonya dipajang juga akhirnyaaaa

    iyah... kita gak sempat ketemuan ya .. :(

    ga comment soal pesta dateng juga :p

    mba, itu novel kedua-nya emang kapan keluarnya? lom bisa diklik ya?

    fotonya bagus ya....jadi pengen foto bareng.hehe

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