To Let Go

Let go.

Those are what my friends have been telling me.
Even when my eyes were staring at them (or at the phone) blankly, I was tempted to say, "easier said than done, mate!"
But, instead of informing them that it just couldn't be done, I nodded my head and let myself embrace the idea of letting go. Besides, I heard God once instructed the same thing. Who am I to say no to God?

A week passed.
Damn! It was not easy!
So, I said to God.
"Dear God comma
letting go question mark
OK fullstop
One request though question mark
give me time fullstop
like three fullstops
a year question mark"

So, I'm in the process of letting go.
However, I read some guy wrote something.
He wrote 'To forgive an enemy is easier than to forgive a friend'.
I agree.
So, friend, at this point, it's like... you have taken me to the point of no return.
But, hey, I'm letting go.
Go. You know? Forward. Not return.

Oh, and God...
Give me a year?


    Dalem banget ya dep, irisannya? Hope you're Ok, though. This too will pass (Eniwe buswe, jadi curious nih. Someone I know? :P)

    go depoy go depoy go!

    the first cut is the deepest Dev... later,you'll know there are many of that 'kind' in this world.just be glad that you're not one of them.and we will never will be.:-)

    wah... dah tiga tulisan nih: darkness, disoriented, hell, hurt, de el el de el el...

    anyway, apapun masalahnya, hope you are ok. trust you would be able to see light in the end of the tunnel....


    It's a nice blog. Salam kenal ya mbak.

    salam perkenalan mbak
    thanks ya atas tulisannya, wah bagus2 banget. Ok sukses selalu


    Dep .. ini let go si guru kehidupan itu ya? Good luck semoga cepet bisa let go.

    Thank you, guys! Really appreciate your support!

    On 9:07 pm, March 19, 2009 Anonymous said...

    you're right... easier to said than done. how true.

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