In the state of shock...

Have you ever been forced to face a condition where you feel like you are suddenly left in the dark, alone, suffocated, and disoriented? Your brain refuses to work, but deep down inside you know that you have to survive?

I've been there. Once, a long time ago. Almost 6 years ago.
Now, I'm experiencing it again for a different reason.

Right now, I'm feeling things. A lot of things. Feelings like I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong. Somehow I know I'm right but I don't know how I can make the wrongs to be right.
I am so shocked that I'm so disoriented. I don't know how to think or what to think.
But, the most hurtful thing of all is the feeling of being hurt.
I just wish...
God, I cannot even mention what I wish for...


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