I Love School

I'm not sure why I love school, although the feeling is not always mutual. Or in my case, the feeling is most of the time absolutely never mutual ;p And it's strange that I love school because I was never a 'cum-laude' student, was not a straight-A student for most of the subjects I took, and abso-bloody-lutely not a teacher's pet (it would be too unbearable for them). May be it's because here my husband is going to school and my son is about too that makes me feel kinda... well... I miss being in school again. I miss the routine, miss feeling bored in class, feeling exhausted from studying textbooks just the night before a test, I miss feeling that homework is useless. I miss the time when I didn't get what I was supposed to learn, or when my mind was wandering because I couldn't figure out what my lecturer was talking about, or when my brain told me I was wasting time sitting in class while I could just read everything from books, or when I could hear myself saying, "C'me on, we know this, so what's new?", or when I looked around the class and found out that I was the only one who was at lost and actually looked stupid... Oh, I miss them all, although, again, most of the time I became the only not-so-bright student... hehehe...
So, for a few days, I've been listing down why I really do love school despite the facts that I was never a favorite student in terms of attitude and marks :) It's really weird because as far as I can remember, I never had a clean sheet in my school years! (Let me just tell you what, and if you decide they're too boring, you can skip them and move to other blogs!)
First> When I was in kindergarten, I smacked a boy with a chair because he hit me on the eye with a wooden apple (I can still remember the thing!) without a reason. I still danced for the National Children Day Ceremony, though...
Second> When I was in elementary school, I think everyone liked me. Why? Hmm... let me guess... may be because I was the best student for 6 years, the chairwoman for 6 consecutive years, the leader of girl scout for... as long as I can remember, and.. perhaps, because I got number 3 in a Kartini-look-a-like contest?!? (If you've seen her picture, I'm sure you're convinced it was NOT a beauty contest... with all do respect to the very intelligent heroine).
Third> When I was in junior high, my friend sitting next to me was expelled from class for chatting. I got expelled too, because it happened that it was me whom my friend was chatting to. I was totally innocent for I didn't start or even engage in the conversation. But, I was actually glad I was out of the class since both the teacher and the subject were boring!
Fourth> My school record in senior high was worse. In the first grade, I was expelled again because -again- my friend was talking to me when the teacher was explaining. The punishment took no longer than 5 minutes, though, because the teacher found out the two of us were happier outside the class, than inside... Then, in my second grade, despite my score was the highest in class for subject A, the teacher chose another student to represent the school for a try out test because she thought I looked... irresponsibly indifferent! Huahahaha... Next, in the third grade, the teacher made my mom come to school. Why? She accused me for something I didn't do. The story went like this: I wrote "King of Lazybone" on a chair wreck. That thing was on my desk when I wrote it. Suddenly, didn't know how somebody put that thing on my teacher's desk... Get the idea now? She asked the whole class who wrote it. I told her I did it, but I also told her it wasn't meant for anyone and I didn't put it on her desk. She didn't want to listen and told my mom to come to school. My mom -who is always the bravest-most honest woman in the world- stood for me! Way to go, Mom!!!
Fifth> My university years. I was never expelled from class again now. I took two majors back then. In major A's classes I couldn't skip classes because the class was small and the teachers -I still believe- were war veterans! To make up for my stressful classes, I skipped an awful lot of time in other no-so-important subjects and educated myself in the canteen instead ;p In major B's classes I never skipped classes. My friends could always find me half asleep in classes, though. (Now, that I'm telling you all about this, I can see why I never had straight As for most of the time...) Why didn't I just skip the classes? The lecturers were fond of calling their students one by one! Imagine that!
One thing I know about my being a student: I NEVER cheated! Not from books, papers, or friends. Never! Once in senior high, my friend actually insisted on giving me a math answer in a test because he thought my math scores were horrible... Hahahahahaaa... Bless him!
So, you see, I never was a good student. Then, how come I still love and miss school? (And the weirdest thing, though I was never a good student, I think I am a fine a teacher since most of my students like me, even the naughty ones! Hehe... how do I know this? They wrote me lovely cards, letters, emails even when they are not my students anymore. Once they threw a birthday party for me! I guess, bad student makes fine teacher, eh? Na-ah. Don't quote it from me!)
Well, what's the conclusion? May be I love school because they are made of people, and people are interesting. They make you sad, make you happy, make you believe you're stupid while you're not, or make you think you're genius while most of the time somebody else is actually more genius! What am I saying? Sorry, guys, I wish I knew. May be it's being in school for 16-18 something years in life can not be forgotten just like that...
Do you love school?


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