Sorry Guys

In the last couple of weeks, I've become rather unproductive here. Don't know why. Just having those moody feelings about writing. Can't find something interesting, and can't interest me with anything. I've tried spending hours in my favorite spot -the best place where ideas usually pop up in my head. What? Where? Ow, you want to know my favorite spot? Well, it's a.. it's a... my bathroom... No, don't laugh! It's not funny. I know a lot of famous writers who get their ideas in the bathroom? Who? I won't tell! Besides, those bathrooms and toilets in the buildings where I worked had really really helped me a lot! They saved me from deadlines! That means from my bosses too who used to scream, "Dev! Article! Deadline!" or "Dev! Next week!" or "Dev! Where is...?" (Geez, come on, guys ...... )
So, I've tried my favorite spot. No luck. I've tried listening to some inspiring songs. I used to play them loudly and then listen to them (with the earphone of course) whenever I got stuck writing. But, still no luck. I was fast asleep with the songs on my ears... What other choices do I have? I can't let my thought wander when I cook, or when I play with Hikari (he'd scream on my ear, and my other ear), or when I read, or when I shop (then I'd buy things I don't need), or when I'm in my Jap class, or when I... Okay, the bottom line is I'm sorry; Sorry guys, for coming here back and forth only to find there's nothing new... :(


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