Mother Day

"Late home
No time to phone and
Creeping up the stairs
A light clicks off
A small cough
A sigh and then another
Who is it who cares?
Whose sleepless nightmares?
Who? It's Mother."
-Yolande Young-

This Mother Day is my second Mother Day! How I'm blessed with the chance to experience it. Alhamdulillah. Being a mother is much a blessing that I can't imagine. After all the mistakes that I've done, still I'm blessed. Being a mother means two things to me: ONE= it shows me the world from so many different angles that perhaps I wouldn't have been able to discover without Hikari. 20 something years ago before he was born, these things were unimaginable to me! Things like how to be unselfish, to smile sincerely, to see beauties in every little thing, to appreciate simple abilities, to love sincerely beyond all the mess that a kid can possible do! And many other things! No matter how incredibly silly I am as a mother, he loves me for who I am...
And TWO= it teaches me the life from my mother's eyes. Her happiness, her sadness, her disappointment, her life. It makes me see through my ego, about all the things I have done and said to her. Things that make her disappointed, that make her proud, that make her sad, that make her cry, or laugh, or go crazy... Oh, yea, I'm sure I've done things that make my mother go crazy, whatever it is, no matter how tough she is. Still, she loves me. For who I am. Her daughter...

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Thank You, God, for making me a mother. Thank You too for giving me My Mother.


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