To Barb

I didn't know how it started.
Suddenly we were laughing our heads off in that empty office room.
About Queen and Sting and how ridiculous we were when we tried to imitate them.
Until that time, I didn't know about you and Queen and Sting.
You didn't know about me and Queen and Sting either.
But, until that time, we didn't know each other so well that we could laugh together.
And then you were there, ever since.
You and your friendship.

As a friend, you are one in a million.
You are never easy on me, if you think it doesn't help me.
You don't say sweet things.
You don't spoil.
You don't pretend.
You are always truthful.
You are you, with your kind of friendship.
And I am here, forever grateful.

Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for being there.
Do you remember our joke?
That we are together because the others can't stand us?
I want to thank you because you can stand me.

Barb, Happy Birthday.
I know you are not a poem-person.
But this poem reminds me of you. (I modified it a bit)
And, it's your birthday present :)

Tara Simms
When I need a shoulder to cry on,
I remember that you have a warm embrace,
Ready to offer comfort.
When I think you're being too tough,
I remember that which does not kill me
Makes me stronger.
When I need a friend to listen,
I remember that you are there for me,
When I lose faith in myself,
I remember that you never did,
Nor ever will.

Happy birthday, Barb! Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you!

Queen, Sting, and me


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