Down for the Third Time

When I am writing this, I am struggling with my body because I am having a typhoid fever. It's been four days and I'm so tired of being in bed watching CSI (for the hundredth time). So, here I'm sneaking my way out of the bedroom to the computer (Papap is not home yet, my parents are downstairs, and Hikari is playing outside). I missed the chance to meet other bloggers last Sunday too... *hiks*

This desease is nothing new for me. I have been hospitalized two times for having typhoid fever before, and have been kept at home many times for having its symptoms. Even my best friend Ms. AC told me I've made it a hobby. To tell you the truth, I'm glad having this typhoid fever. With Indonesia's recent deseases-condition: bird flu, chikungunya, dengue fever, God-knows-what-else, my sickness is less life threathening... hehehe... And, I've got to admit that before I got my blood tested, I was scared to death that I might have infected by bird flu. Thank God, I didn't.
So, guys, if you need some advice on how to stay healthy, don't come to me.

My mom knows a secret recipe to cure the sickness faster: a mix of raw egg (ayam kampung, what do you call it in English? Farm chicken? Huahahaha...) and honey. BUT, I wouldn't advice that medicine anymore now. You know. Bird flu?
There is still another medicine that works like wonder. I've tried this and it made my stomach feel better. The medicine is made from dried worm. Yes, worm. Like, a worm in the earth? That's the one. So, clean these worms (of course after you manage to catch them), rinse them, water them, but do not use soap. I'm sure you're that intelligent... hehehe... Then, dry the worm under direct sunlight. Next, cook them without cooking oil until it is really really dry. When you are done cooking... eat them.
You bet!
That's why I'd rather order that worm medicine from the Chinese drug store. They have the dried worms in capsules...

Okay, then, I've got to go. Not because I want to, but my head is starting to ache.


    tekunlah memangsa cacing dalam kapsul itu. cepat sembuh.

    cepet sembuh Dev... dirimu ga percaya guna2 peserta ujian kan? :P

    Get well soon ya. Cacing? Dulu pertama kali dengar waktu ada teman nanya alamat sinshe di Kota yang sediain cacing obat. Hah? Katanya sih mujarab. :)

    Hi Mariskova

    Do you guys still buy your chicken in a live chicken market?


    Kayaknya harus dicari cara spy gak ambruk model gini lagi...mosok bersahabat sama cacing..hehehhe

    cepet sembuh ya jeng...:D pdhal gw dah menghayal ketemu seleb satu ini :D
    duh kok hobbynya ngemil cacing sih..hiiiii

    iyah sering2 makan naga eh cacing maksudnya..cepeet semmbuh.. yah;)

    cepet sembuh ya dev. gue udah lebih dari 5 kali dapet tipes, dan terbukti: cacing kering itu amatlah ampuhnya.

    odaijini yaah mbak dev...cacing obatnya? itu sakit tipus ato lagi ikutan extrim gem?

    hiya, daku pernah penelitian ttg cacing2 sbg obat mba, enam bulan berakrab2 ria dgn segala jenis cacing tanah, dari yg segede lidi ampe sebesar pulpen boxy (plus above 30cm length!), tanpa protes menahan jijik.

    Tapi itu 5 taun yg lalu. Abis itu kalo berpapasan dgn cacing sejawat, sebelum tu cacing say hello, daku udah menjerit duluan.


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