After Life

A week before I got sick, I borrowed two books from my friend, Barb. Both of them are by Mitch Albom: Five people you meet in heaven and Tuesday with Morrie. Both of the books, in a way, are similar because they talk about Death.

The days when my sickness was the worst, and my temperature was the highest, I had finished reading Five People You Meet in Heaven and I was in the middle of Tuesday with Morrie. So, during my worst hours, my mind was asking questions: whether I had bird flu or not, (if I did suffer from it) whether I was gonna die, who are the five people I'd meet in heaven (my best friend, my cousin, Keanu Reeves?... Na-ah, he's still alive), and how I was gonna die (paralized first or die in my sleep). I also began to wonder how people would react if I really did die (crying? laughing? cheering? toasting?). Those days I really really thought I was between life and death...
But, good news, I am getting better instead of getting worst (Alhamdulillah, thank God). The doctor also told me:
1. I didn't suffer from bird flu.
2. I wasn't going to die.
3. That I was overdosed, therefore I was hallucinating.


Today is a week after my worst days. I have finished reading both books. What did I get to learn from all of this?
Never read any books when you are under heavy prescription!

This reminds me of my experience before the delivery process of Hikari. For nine months, I equipped myself with all the books I could find about 'Pregnancy' and then 'Giving Birth'. My mom tried to warn me that I might scare myself when the real time came (having read those A-Z of pregnancy and delivery). As a normal child, I ignored my mom (who had given birth to three children and witnessed dozen others). And, as story told, Mom is Always Right: I was scared to death when the days approached the D day.

Again, the moral of the story is: Never read any books when you are under huge stress!

Well, now, what do I have left?
Oh, words of wisdom.

So, my advice to you all is: Never trust anyone who is under heavy prescription and huge stress!

At the moment you are reading this, I'm begging Papap to buy me my reading supply. I'm running out of books and I don't care if a book would make me hallucinate again!

Boookkk, pleaaseeee.................. Anyone?


    Coba baca bukunya Hanif Kureishi deh Mak. Judulnya The Budha Of Suburbia. Kayaknya pas tuh baca buku itu pas lagi sakit gitu. :P

    Btw, ayo dong cepet sembuh!

    Mbak Dev... abis sakit toh? Tapi sekarang udah baikan kan? Btw, aku kemarin ke Singapore nggak honeymoon... lha wong cuma pergi berdua sama mertua :P

    So, just keep begging to papap.. ntar juga nyerah.. he,he,

    nih ada Dev buku..catetan belanja isinya..hihi..
    Cepet pulih yah Dev..seklian ngucapin, met tahun baru :)

    gue juga demen tuh ama bukunya Mitch Albom, tapi 5 people lebih bagus dibanding tuesday with morrie, tapinya lagi gue nangis baca tuesday with morie...dah sembuh?

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