It takes more than a resolution....

New Year's spirit doesn't last forever. Three weeks, a month, may be, but not more than that. So, what else is supposed to be said beside HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS!!!

To tell you the truth, I'm not New-Year-New-Resolution kind of person. While newspapers, magazines, people (and blogs) have that topic as their headlines, I don't really care much if new year starts in January. Come to think of it, my new year -and my resolutions- begin in March, when I celebrate my birthday. What do yo think of it? Pathetic or Narcissistic?

BUT, I am blessed with having so many friends who are concerned with my well being (considering I am never well). So, when these people who hardly know each other sent me emails with similar questions: what my resolutions would be in 2007, I am obliged to answer. Sorry, though, the reply is written in this blog (you know who lazy I am when it comes to writing similar things to different email addresses). Guys, I know you asked me this question because you know so well I am terrible in fulfilling my resolutions, right?

Well, may be you, guys, are right. My last year resolutions are not successful either. Let's see what I missed: My most important resolution (which is a top secret item) is only half done due to my lack of ambition and discipline. This, surprisingly, has broken my heart so deep... This also makes me realize that when it comes to myself, it takes more than a resolution to change myself. It takes a resolution, 8-day-a-week hardwork, a bunch of prayers, and a lot of policemen to ensure I do whatever it takes to realize my resolution.

So, this year's resolutions will be (and it doesn't include having a second child):
1) Make sure my half done 2006 resolution is done in three months, top! This means no more procrastinating, more hardworking... sigh.
2) End my record of having typhoid fever. Enough is enough!
3) Save more, spend less. (Okaaay, this is going to be D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T, like very very difficult)
4) Return the dvds I borrowed from Sir Mbilung. Sekaligus menemui beliau selagi masih di Bogor, or else... sampai jumpa di Tokyo, ya, Sir? (nangis darah)
5) Blog more, blogwalk more.
6) Reply your emails asap.
7) Reply letters more often. (This is the consequence for having friends who are allergic to email)
8) Spend more time with Hikari than reading.
9) Smile more to Papap, no matter how tiring 3-hour driving is.
10) Unpack those boxes we had from Japan. Moss has started to grow. No wonder, since the boxes arrived two months ago...

So, how do my resolutions sound?


    sounds normal and reachable to me. :) kecuali yang nomor 1, 2, 3 dan 5. uhuuu, we have the same problem ternyata yak.

    met tahun baruan ya dev!

    met taon baru

    Akemashite Omedetou!

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