Careful Wish

Be Careful With What You Wish For!

And that is so true.
For the last couple of weeks, I had wished to go out and then have a week-or-two rest.
Really. I was thinking Bermuda.
Or Bali, or Jogja, or somewhere near like Pattaya, may be?
Well, God didn't sleep.
He heard my wish.
He sent me out of the house and he told me to have a week rest.

Not in Bermuda, or Bali, or Jogja, or Pattaya.
It was in a big green building which smelled drugs and, er, others.
Yes, I was hospitalized for a week. And I just got released today.
And, No.
Unlike those hospitals in our sinetrons, this one didn't have either handsome doctors or pretty sexy nurses. (sorry for being so gender-ish)

Dear God, not that I am not thankful, but,
I think You've made the wrong interpretation this time...


    sakit apaaa? syukurlah udah sembuh

    sorry, bukannya nyelamatin lo karena udah sembuh, tapi ketawa duluan. :D

    pantesan lama banget gue dicuekin. ternyata boooook, sakit. apaan? tipes lagi? gile benerrrr.

    eh dev, mau dong cerita ini ditarok di WS. link-nya di blog lo yang postingan ini. :p


    You know Dev....God saves you, like what you've been thinking before ....... hehehe, ya meski bukan itu harapanmu tho?

    take it as a holiday dev :D selamat beraktivitas kembali..semoga tetap sehat dan ceria..gimana si jagoan? met wiken mpok :D

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