God is in the office

My life has been like a roller coaster.
Healthy to being Sick
Happy to become Sad
Having some jobs to jobless to having more than I can handle
Having no money to having some, then no money again
Getting more friends to quarelling with a few
After that, people love to tell me how life is like a wheel.
Once you are up, the next time you are down there.
I never think of life that way.
My roller-coaster life is just a proof that God is in the office.
And He is in charge.
And he never takes a leave. Even on holidays.

Happy Eid Mubarak, friends.
Let's renew our faith.
Stronger as years go by...


    mohon maaf buat semua komentar yang kurang berkenan

    jeng Deviii...maaf lahir batin yaa..

    minal minul tante.. ;) ..

    maaf atas segala sikap dan perbuatan yang tidak menyenangkan...

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