Walk Away. Or Not.

The four of us were in this gathering. At first, we were just talking about people we knew. Then we mentioned several names who at present were expecting their baby. The conversation grew.
"Oh, ya? So, this is her third?"
A surprise comment from at least the two of us. It turned out that having 3 children these days is considered a risky business...
"I definitely have settled with 2. I cannot imagine having another one," sighed one of us.
Then, one person asked me.
"How about you? When are you having the next one?"
That question actually honestly sounded normal in my ears. Besides, I've been getting used to it.
"Not sure. Not really important."
Then we both giggled.

Suddenly, one person said it in a really serious preaching tone.
"You must not have only one child!"
I was pinched.
"Why not?"
"It's too much for the kid to handle, not having a sibling."
"My son is doing just fine without one. Thank you."
"But, you just cannot do that!"
"Who said I can't?"
"With siblings, a child learns how to share."
"Well, if you are worried if my son cannot share... why can't we gather all of our kids and then watch for yourself if MY SON CANNOT SHARE?"
"BUT, having siblings means a child learns to exercise his feelings of caring, loving..."
"My son is a caring loving person, with or without a sibling."
"BUT, if you only have one child, you have to really treat him well, educate him well, nurture him well..."
"SO YOU ARE SAYING if you have MORE than one child you are allowed NOT to treat them well?"
"BUT... but..."
"So," I asked her in the eyes, "why don't you have a boy? You only have two daughters, right? Why don't you have another baby, and then another, and then another, until you get a boy?"
She blinked. "Don't start asking me that question..."
"Sorry! You did it first."
I walked away.

You know, guys, I could have just walked away pretending -no, ignoring- your whydontyouhavemorechildren question. Usually, I do just walk away. But, you just didn't let me. Besides, did it ever cross your mind that I lost my second several months ago?


    hehehe, banyak juga yg ngga bawa kaca ya ....

    what i have in my mind reading ur post is only one:
    Lo jambak2an ma tu temen2 lo yangg jelas, kop. Hahahahha

    kop, lo dapet salam dr temen gw yang jadi secret admirer of ur blog. he even said: happy birthday.
    I was confuse: Loh, si kop birthday-an? ternyata belum. Ati2 lo kop, he is a stalker. Kakakakakkakakakakakakakak.

    @Je: temen gw yang gak jelas?! Temen lo juga, tau!
    Lagian, jambak2an is not my style. Golok is. :)

    Buat temen lo yg jd my secret admirer, ultah gw kan masih jauh hehehe (teteup ngarep).

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