To Perm or Not To Perm

If a hair grows one milimeter each day, why has my hair become this long already?
It's only been three months and I already need another hair cut.
On the other hand, I could just let it grow longer so then... I can straighten it. PERM, is the right word, right?

Okay, why would I want my hair permed?
Let's see...
1. My hair is not straight. It's wavy as in curly as in wavy-plus-curly.
2. Wavy means messy.
3. Wavy hair is irregular. It doesn't seem to know which way it wants to face. 'Inside or Outside?' 'Don't know. Which way is the wind blowing?"
4. Straight hair is easy to manage. It seems to know where it is going: down.
5. Wavy hair needs hairdrier so that it won't be so... wavy.
6. With straight hair, the hairdresser can cut it shaggy style, spiky, straight-but-curly-in-the-end, all kinds of hairstyle.
7. With wavy hair, you can only get one style: wavy.
8. Most hairstylists do fine with straight hair.
9. Hairstylists and wavy hair are not friends.
10. Most Japanese have straight hair.

... to perm or not to perm... that's the question...


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