Snow, over there...

Hi Devina san!

This year, it is extreeeeeemly cold and we had snow
twice so far in Honjo or some other places including Tokyo. GITS students and their families or kids who saw the snow for their first time were all excited very much!! You can imagine their reaction, can't you?
Snow is beautiful. I have no objection about it. It covers everything,
mountains, trees, roofs of houses, fields, or even thin telephone
cables too. Everything becomes white and the scenery is so beautiful.

An email from a good friend in Honjo reminds me of how much I miss the city. And how much I miss my friends back then.

The view of one snowy morning, from the top of Honjo dormitory.


    On 7:46 pm, February 08, 2008 Anonymous said...

    Dev ... udah gw tulis di blog :D.

    On 10:15 pm, February 08, 2008 Anonymous said...

    Talking about snow ... I'm fed up with Chicago's harsh winter. Once you have to shovel the snow from your driveway every morning, or scrap your car windows each time you want to go out, or drive under heavy snow storm with 2 kids .... you really wonder when this winter will end. Somehow I'm happy this will be our last in the midwest!

    @Santi: hahahaha... you know what, San. I enjoyed Honjo snow because it never lasted more than two days! I know how not 'cool' it is to have snow for more than a week. I experienced that in Niigata.

    2 hari terakhir ada salju di cambridge. udah 6 tahun kali kota ini tidak tersentuh salju.. semua orang keluar rumah, maenan salju asyik..

    sementara saya yang juga baru kali ini ngeliat salju ga kalah norak :P

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