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I watch the 2004 'Forgotten' movie. It was okay, except for two things: 1) Julianne Moore is still too fresh and pretty as a depressed mother whose child is killed in an airplane crash, 2) I cannot accept the ending (where all this disaster is caused by A-L-I-E-N-S).
I have a favorite scene, though. Check these lines between a police officer and some NSA guys (NSA stands for National Security Agency, in case you need a clue).
Police Officer: Do you know about the children?
NSA: What children?
PO: How about a plane crash? Do you know about it?
NSA: We don't know any plane crash.
PO: You don't know nothin', do you? .... NSA, you said?... Better buy a better lock!

How Safe is Honjo?
Ever wondered? I was about to write 'how safe is Japan?' but I guessed I had no statistics to prove. May be I shoule write 'how safe is most Japan areas?'. The answers are these...
1) You can leave your key hanging on the outside door, nobody gets in to your apartment (we -no, Papap- accidently left our apartment key three times).

2) You can leave all your things in the bike, nobody takes them:
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3) You can abandon your bike for days, still nobody will take it:
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4) You can leave your baby car everywhere, still nobody wants it:
Gunma Safari Park. Somebody left the baby car outside the gate.
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5) You can sell animal food in a stall with no guard, and put a can for the money next to the food. Nobody cheats, nobody grabs the money (or the animal food): Gunma Safari Park
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6) You can sell newspapers the same way as the above animal food. You can be sure you'll get the money or the newspapers back safely: Train station
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How obedient are Japanese to rules?
Ha! I guess the answer is VERY, but I have one picture here that says the opposite:
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An empty sidewalk near a supermarket and a pachinko. The parking lot for bikes (bicycle and motorbike alike) is improved with security system (meaning the customers have to pay). Instead of parking in the parking lot, these people parked their bikes outside it. Right in front of the No Parking sign. Hmmm... this reminds me of something, though...
Made in... Made by...
Some relatives ask for a 'local' souvenir. We granted their wish. I just don't know how they would take the real truth...
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But, perhaps, it is better than the ones that write 'made by YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN in YOUR OWN COUNTRY '...


    Hihihi..aku pernah ngelakuin no.1-4 tuh, kunci ketinggalan 2 hari 1 malem di lubang kunci apaato, baru ketauan waktu sales dateng nawarin brg & dia yg kasih tau. Jemuran jg suka aku tinggal seharian alhamdulillah masih utuh (ga ada yg mau sama 'daleman' ku kali ya hihihi). Masih aman deh Jepun..

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