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Hi, there, it’s me again. I’m back in Jakcity (as Jeng Ratu called it) with internet connection that is more irritating than the traffic jam in the city (at least the traffic is not 24 hours). Where shall I start my first posting hometown?

First, thank you guys for your patience waiting for me to blog again. I know, I know, it’s rather unpleasant to come to this blog everytime (as if *wink wink*) only to find out that I haven’t updated anything yet. Been there too. Trust me, I tried to blog once I arrived but ended up yelling at the computer. When it comes to internet-things, gosh, this country hasn’t changed much… Anyway, I arrived in Jakarta in the evening of the 26. On the same day, that early morning, we left the hotel in Shinjuku and 5 minutes after Hikari set foot in the plane, he started his never ending question, “have we arrived in Indonesia yet?” for 8 straight hours! My mom picked us up in the airport and the first thing she did was taking Hikari in her arms (mind you, Hikari is 1 meter tall) and left us behind. I guess she must have missed my son that much…Oh, just FYI, there was no red carpet. Just a bunch of uniform men asking what we had been doing in Japan.

The next couple of days are boring and tiring days. Almost collapsed from the heat (Jakarta is in the middle of SUMMER, my mom said), we had to deal with the annoying fact that our Driving licenses, our ID cards, our ATM cards, all of them are expired. And now, the story of how to renew these things: guess which card is the easier to renew? ATM? I thought so but I was wrong. It was the driving license! It only took me 5 minutes to get a new one! Yippieee!!! How about the ATM? Bah! I almost jumped onto the CS’s desk and broke her neck for giving me that horrible service…

For a couple of days too Papap and I had been sleeping alone in our room. No Hikari. Here’s the story: my mom already prepared one room upstairs for us. And then… she prepared another room downstairs, next to my parents’ bedroom, for Hikari. After that, they have been keeping Hikari for themselves. I guess they must have really really missed my son that much…
Now, what I am doing is basically trying to locate where I am. It’s like this: my parents moved to this recent house while I was in Japan. This new house is in the middle of nowhere it doesn’t even have a postal code. And now, Papap and I are struggling to remember the so many small roads that can take us to civilization. The only problem is not one road can get us there faster.

Ooaaaaaaahh... I miss my high-speed-free-of-charge internet connection TOO!!!


    welcome home!! :)

    Guess what?! I am coming home too ... cihuuuuy

    perpanjang SIM 5 menit ? Pake calo ga mbak ? SIM & KTP ku juga habis nih... tapi waktu pulang kemarin bapakku bilang perpanjang KTP butuh 3 bulan sekarang :-( Perpanjang SIM nggak butuh KTP ya ?

    Biasa di tempat yang serba teratur, tenang, tertib.. Jakarta bikin gemes ya.. :P

    welcome back home :)

    selamat datang kembali di jakarta. sabar-sabar...kasian kompie dimarah2in..hihihi.. Pikirkan saja nasibku yg gak bisa makan enak seperti engkau Dev..huhuhu...:(

    are we there yet? ..

    :) selamat datang lagi di Indonesia...

    ye die nongol lg, no.1 pasti protez beratznya ma si jaringan yg ga makin cepet keke....

    welcome home Dev!at least bisa honeymoon bobo berduaan lagi hihi....

    hehehe...welcome home, mbak.. mudah2an nyesek dan gemesnya ga terlalu lama ya ;)

    hahahaha, seneng banget gue baca omelan lo yang ini. bener-bener membuktikan kalau lo memang udah bener2 nyampe rumah. :D :D :D

    tapi mak, begitu pulang ke jakcity, itu rambut jadi agak meng-ikal nggak? just curious.

    loh udah nyampe di jakarta to, selamat datang mbak =)
    tapi kok malah hiatus hehehehe..

    Eeh..sudah sampai di Jkt ya. Ngalamin culture shock jg? hehe..kl sambungan internet lelet mah, apa blh buat ya. Met balik ke Jkt!

    kembali ke Jakarta, melatih kesabaran .... :-)

    back for good yah mbak?

    welcome back yah !!

    selamat datang kembali di ibukota tercinta ;)..
    *beneran saya mah nunggu oleh2nya.. :>

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