Critical Brain

I was showing a picture of Big Ben to my students.
"Big Ben!" shouted one student.
"That's right!" I said.
"Does anyone know where it is?"
Loud and clear, a voice from the corner shouted confidently, "PADANG!"

Some teachers complain how little students know about the outside world. But, I can still nod to the Padang answer because -after all- that student knew I was asking about a place. The fact that she answered the wrong kind of place, well, perhaps she didn't have the exposure needed.

But, if you think that is hillarious, try this:

One student in his essay wrote that Global Warming is caused by glass house effect. So, he wrote, we must not build our house using glasses. We must use wood, instead.

Okay, his misunderstanding and mistranslation of Rumah Kaca to Glass House is understandable. But his reasoning?

Most of the time, I find teaching a language exhausting. It's because I have to check the students' critical thinking as well. When they write, or when they give arguments, these students have to be able to give a sound reason. The problem is their reason is usually illogical, unreasonable, incomprehensible, and mostly irrelevant.

Gee... what have they been doing in their life?

Teaching grammar, or other four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) is easy. You have rules, you have guide books, and of course you have your boss to disturb. But teaching critical thinking? You'll end up having your brain critical...

Whoever wants to be a teacher these days, s/he must be really mad.

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    I wonder how old are your students :)

    "bu...artinya apa postingan ini?" *pletak...dijitak devi...kaing..kaing..*lol....

    @qq: mostly senior high to college students.

    @Jeng Endang: hayah, ninggiin mutuuuuu.... :D

    berarti mbak dev ini kurang lebih sudah mad++ gitu ya?

    ini mungkin sama kayak ketika ada murid SMA yang nggak tau apa arti kata "ultimatum". gue sampe melongo dan mengira si murid becanda...

    yeah yeah, gue udah nggak jadi guru lagi kok. hahahahaha.

    eh mirip jam gadang kok hehehe

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