Eyes Opener

It's 2 in the morning and I'm still sitting in front of the computer. Stupidly waiting for some inspirations to pour down on me so I can finish what I'm doing and return to my bed. How I wish I could just go to bed without caring about this thing.

I can't. Even the bed cannot bring peace to my mind.

My eyes are heavy. And, my coffee cup has been empty for some time.

The thought of coffee made me remember my four tumblers. Three of them I bought in Japan: two in Kyoto and one in Tokyo.

We were in Kyoto at that time for Spring holiday. While walking around the Gion area, we decided to take a rest in a nearby Starbucks cafe. When I was making an order, I saw a really cute tumbler featuring Sakura. I bought the tumbler and got the coffee for free. Papap was as excited as I was when he saw the tumbler. As a true collector of unidentified objects, he knew that the tumbler was worth collecting.

Without realizing it, we became so obsessed of finding other kinds of tumbler's pictures. We bought another one with the word Kyoto all over the tumbler. Not as pretty as the first one but it was worth collecting too. Unfortunately, the city -at that time- only had those two kinds of pictures.

Another time, we bought the third tumbler in Tokyo. Here, they only had two kinds of pictures. The first one featured Tokyo Tower on its body. The second one featured some electric lights which made me dizzy whenever I looked at it. I bought the first one and tried to ignore the second one for health reason. Again, if we buy the tumbler, whatever size, the coffee will be free of charge. The prize of one tumbler, if I'm not mistaken, was 1,000 Yen.

We only had a chance to collect three tumblers. In Jakarta, I don't collect Starbucks tumbler anymore because Jakarta's stores don't have featured tumblers. Only the white plain one with Starbucks logo on it. So boring. Besides, if I buy a tumbler here, I don't get the coffee for free. So annoying.

My friend, Barb, became so addicted with Starbucks tumbler too when I showed her the featured tumblers. Both of us have been coffee addicts. Now we're tumbler addicts. She bought two featured tumblers when she was in Japan. Kyoto tumbler had changed pictures since the last time I bought. I believe the pictures on the tumblers are seasonal, although the guys at Starbucks stores in Japan always answered 'all year long edition'. Once Barb brought me a featured tumbler from Hongkong. Then, Papap broke its bottom. He said that the quality was bad. Japanese tumblers were better. Yeah, right.

Back to how I'm now, minutes ago, I could smell coffee right from the computer screen. Or maybe from my used cup. So, I clicked Starbucks Japan and.....

Now, I'm feeling terrible that I had clicked it.
Now, I can only dream of these tumblers without knowing how I can get them. Sucks!

photos: Starbucks Japan


    woww.. collector starbuck tumbler ya.. hopefully you can find the tumbler you dream it.

    On 4:03 pm, October 19, 2007 bininya uban bauer said...

    beberapa kali berpikir mau beli tumbler di starbucks, skrg lbh mantap utk gak usah aja begitu dikau bilang gak dpt kopi gratis....*celamitan again*

    pikiran saya kok selalu mengasosiasikan tumbler dengan somersault ya :D

    OOT: dev, kemaren gue nungguin lo sambil chat sama pakde. eeeh, ada meeting dadakan. jadi sori dori mori gue sign off. gue udah ninggalin pesen di jaiku (lo pasang di hape kan?) tapi trus bbrp jam kemudian gue on lagi. gue menemukan offline message lo. so sorry ya bow.

    lhaaa..tmblernya bagussss :(

    maap lahir batin, dev. telat gak? :D

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