Heaven's Watching over Me

I was lying half awake half fainted.
My head felt like it was twirling around and, yes, it hurt like hell.
The red-and-white pills I got from the doctor didn't help.
My head wasn't feeling better.
I wasn't feeling better.
And I couldn't make myself sleep either.
I felt like throwing up for the hundreth times.
No matter how smelly I had already been.

I was thinking what I needed was a sleeping pill.
But at that time, a shotgun would be welcome too.

The wind brought high-pitched noise from the front of our house.
Children, one is mine, were playing cheerfully.
Remember the song: 'why does the sun go on shining?'
I guessed at that moment I could understand how the writer felt when s/he wrote that song.

Then the noise became so unbearable.
Before that, the light became so unbearable.
So much to sacrifice for the peace of a head.

I raked the bookshelf for my discman.
I needed something to soothe me.
Obviously the pills couldn't.
And I didn't have a shotgun.

I got the discman.
Didn't really care what cd was inside it.
Didn't really have the energy left to think about it.
I plugged the earphone, and pushed the play button.
John Legend was on.

I realize as I lay down to sleep
We haven't spoken in weeks
So many things that I'd like to know
Come have a talk with me
I need a sign, something I can see
Why all the mystery?

Geez... God really works in a mysterious way!
Especially when John came to this part...

Maybe we'll talk
Some other night
Right now I'll take it easy
Won't spend my time
Waiting to die
Enjoy the life I'm living

Dear God,
about the shotgun,
and the curses I said,
I was just joking.
What else can you expect from someone who's suffering from a migraine?

note: see the Coffee Break on the left for the complete lyric.


    yikes parah banget ya mbak, semoga cepet sembuh deh, kayaknya perlu iPod tuh :D

    Semoga cepat sembuh ya mbak, pinter ya kamu menulis.... Kapan bukunya keluar??? :D

    Cepet sembuh ya Dev....

    peace aja deh :D

    nambah sakit dev??? coba berangkat lagi kesini minta si papap hehe...

    rainen no 8kagetsu okuni kaeru no yotei da you ^o^

    mungkin dateng ke PB 2007, sebagai salah satu undangan, bisa jadi obatnya dev. :) lu jadi dateng kan? kalo gue mah....

    waduh jeng devi sakit ?? cepet sembuh yah ....

    Semoga lekas sembuh yah mbak..Oh ya maaf baru bisa balas tentang alamatnya mbak Lia. Soalnya belakangan ini saya jarang nengok ke MP saya. buat alamat mbak Lia rumah dan kantor udah saya PM di MP-nya mbak Vina...

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