#2: Hair Cut - DONE!

Warning: read my previous post about Haircutting in Japan to save you from wondering what the hell I'm talking about here... I hope it works.

I was finally able to gather my courage and went for haircutting last Friday. I still went to the same place. Different person, though. 'My' previous hairstylist was not available. Although the main reason why I decided to go to that place and to the same hairstylist again is because I hope to save the trouble of starting the nightmare all over again.
This time, my Japanese language has been improving. A bit. I was able to say "Very short, please". He replied kindly, with a lot of words which... of course... I could only figure out the meaning. So, I added a sentence memorized some weeks before: It's hot now so I want to cut my hair short. I know, I know, it doesn't make sense why I memorized that particular line and not other lines. Then he gave me a magazine with hairstyle pictures on it. Ow, I didn't bring my own 'hairstyle book' I planned to buy because I couldn't find pictures of 'short hair' on any book. Hmm... I wonder why? Then the hairstylist asked me a few things like how short I wanted my hair to be, and what kind of style I would like... How do I know he asked me those things? By his gestures of course. He made gestures, and I was screaming in my head "oooohhhh, it's happening again".
Finally he -I guess- made a conclusion how he should cut my hair. Or may be because I used my favorite-ultimate-desperate weapon: "Nan demo ii desu" = whatever!
The ritual before and after the hair cutting was always excellent. From cleansing the hair to massaging... This hairstylist was also very friendly. He asked me a lot of things about Indonesia, which later I found out that he actually pictured India in his head instead of Indonesia when he was talking to me ;( Just before the cut was over, he said, "Indonesian women are very beautiful." I was more confused than flattered, because I got the impression that I was the only Indonesian he ever met???? After that he mentioned something about a dark sign on women's forehead..... then I knew he was talking about India!!! Hahahahaaaaa....
Finally, the haircutting was done. My hair looked......... short! Hehe... no, it's really nice, I think. It looked just the same as the style that I always have back home (now then, I know that those hairstylists back home actually knew what they were doing with my hair). This is the safest style I've ever thought of.... Umm, sorry, no picture, though. My guts don't include taking a picture of my hair and show it to you... (trembling)


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