Harry Potter 6: My Comment

Finished it yesterday!
How do I feel?
JKR's got to be kidding!!! Her next HP book should -no- must be published sometime next week! Or I'll be very very very disappointed!!!
Well, I must admit she is a good storyteller, still this is not what I wanted it to end.
First, the book should have tittled something like: Harry Potter and His Daily Life Story.
Second, that person who dies in this book should have died more dramatically or fashionably. (I'm not gonna say who dies because the last time I histerically mentioned who died in HP 5, I got shouts, screams, curses, all those things even two ears can't bear, from -at least- 5 people, and 2 persons actually wanted to kill me... How was I supposed to know that you guys hadn't finished reading it yet? I started reading it quite later than all of you, eh?)
I think this book is like a bunch of short stories lengthened to a novel! It feels like JKR still wrote the opening of the 6th. book and hadn't finished with the ending, yet.
Then, I must correct myself when I said I disliked the 5th. book (because my 'hero' died in this 5th. edition, and because this edition is so gloomy, so cursed, that all the characters should go into mental hospital if I had to write the ending of the 5th. edition). But, the 6th. is worse. Raise your hand, if you agree with me...


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