HARRY POTTER 6th. Edition

(Breathing... heavily...)
Today is really exciting, amazing, exhilarating, all the words in the world that you can use for being 'in the seventh heaven'! And YES it's because I've received MY HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE! (I know, I've mentioned this in my today's corner, but I just can't shup up!)
And, this is not exagerating(!) for I've been dying to read this book since... since I finished the 5th. Edition, of course! More, I've been waiting for this book to be in my hands since February 18, 2005(!) when I made the order in Kinokuniya.
The ironic part for me is, I'm afraid to read it now... ??? ... Yes, it's true. No matter how dying I am to be able to read it as fast as I can, or how excited I am that makes my hands tremble when I hold it, I'm afraid to read it now...
Because? Because once I started to read it, I cannot stop!!! How can that be a problem? BUT IT IS A PROBLEM! Because I'll forget the rest of the world even exists!!! That's why! Reality check, I cannot even be alone in my waking hours without the kid occupying my time... and how about cooking? cleaning? laundrying? and I still have 6 other books to finish reading and review writing -although they are not as exciting as this HP but they pay my bills.
Anyway, I bought the bloomsbury-adult version. According to this site, there are some versions/formats/covers available: scholastic (American), children, adult. I feel 'click' with the British formats. May be it's because I always read that format since the beginning. The cover of bloomsbury adult version is rather 'gloomy and dark', unlike the scholastic which is green and misty. The children version is brighter. I've never read the HP scholastic, either. Anyone has? Can you compare? Let me know what you found out......... please? Eit, but, not the content of the 6th. ed., okay? Just tell me how different the language, the story, or else between the American and British versions. Thanks! (still trembling.......... should I read it now? or not? or yes? or not?)


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