Rainy Season & Being Green

This is not the greenery in spring and summer. This is the look of my old house in every season. Hmm... so green and wet....

This time of the year, Honjo is greener than before. The rice field, veggies and fruit farms are all green. (picture coming up) The rice field, especially, reminds me of my old neighborhood in Indonesia. Yes, although I live in Jakarta, the neighborhood is still surrounded by rice field. Quite unusual, isn't it??? Some things in Honjo that remind me of my house and the neighborhood are the rain (almost), the rice field, the greens in spring and summer, the sun in summer, the sound of fighter planes above the Honjo sky (I'm not really sure why they keep flying above us, there must be their headquarter nearby). Wel, I'm not really a city gal.


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