Our Friends are Leaving

My close friend, my gossip mate, my cooking guru, my shopping master, my Japan-life-teaching sensei is leaving.

Ully is the one person that makes my 'new' life in Japan more bearable and comfortable. First, she can cook! She is a g-o-o-d cook! Then, she knows where to buy what for how much, she knows which place was having a sale for how many percent, she knows what ingredients to add in every food I cooked, she knows where to go to see what, she knows how to get where and when, she has the best advice for everything that all I needed to do was to call her, and my life would be more comfortable...

But, everything has its time. My wonderfully-guided life has to end. She's returning home today. Her husband has successfully earned the Master and now she and her family are heading back home. And here I am mourning for her leaving.

Ully dear, thanks for everything! I can't say thank you enough for everything that you, Mas Agung, Rayhan, and Yukika have done for us. We miss you already! You promise to keep in touch, so I'll wait for the online-sign of your Y! Messenger and your updated-blog :)


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