The True Meaning of Happiness and Misery

Lessons I get from blogwalking are a lot! More than I ever expected. Things I nearly forgot, they return to me. Before, I wrote about Bang Ben after I read it on Om Kere Kemplu's blog. It brought the memory of some 3 years ago back. Then I read Kartina's post on "...Jangan Tangisi Apa Yang Bukan Menjadi Milik Kita..."
No, no, no, I'm not in the state of crying something that doesn't belong to me, like diamond ring, jaguar, condominium in Paris, nice hairstyle, or Keanu Reeves, no! It's something Kartina wrote about hating and loving something (or someone) that reminds me of what my Dad said to me a couple of years ago.

We were watching some tv program about celebrity. I didn't recall the name of the program. It was a long time ago. At that time the story was about a celebrity whose marriage became a shocking issue and had broken her mother's heart. The shocking issue point is not really important. Who cares anyway? But the fact that the marriage hit her mother so bad -and her mother being a well respected celebrity and individual- is devastating for many. Anyway, the bride herself didn't feel that way. The couple appeared in quite a happy pose.

Suddenly, my Dad -usually being indifferent with the celebrity world- made a comment. "Dia pikir dia sedang senang."
Me, didn't see his point, opened my mouth without thinking. "Memang lagi bahagia itu. Lah, lihat aja senyumnya."
Then he turned his face to me and said this thing I will never ever forget.
"De, inget ini ya. Belum tentu semua kesenangan itu rahmat dan semua kesusahan itu hukuman. Kadang-kadang kesenangan itu justru hukuman buat kita, dan kesusahan itu rahmat karena menjauhkan kita dari hal yang lebih buruk di kemudian hari. Makanya, jangan kamu lupa kalau sedang senang karena mungkin itu ujian atau bahkan hukuman. Walau sedang senang, kita harus rendah hati dan ingat untuk bersyukur. Dan jangan memaki kalau diberi kesusahan karena mungkin itu justru pertolongan Tuhan."

... and then he went on talking about corruptors who were happy for having a lot of money, not knowing that those days were their doomed days (!). He kept on talking. I didn't quite understand what he was saying. I mean, okay, I shouldn't brag myself, shouldn't boast myself by thinking that I'm better than the rest of the population, and I shouldn't just quit when things get rough, but, what is the meaning of something good is not always good, and the other way around?
I guess he knew me too well to just leave me alone. He recited me this:
"...boleh jadi kalian membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagi kalian. Dan boleh jadi kalian mencintai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagi kalian. Allah Maha Mengetahui kalian tidak mengetahui." (QS.Al-Baqarah; 216)

And so I understand. This surah applies to every aspect of my life (perhaps yours). Suddenly I was sorry if I ever thought myself better than anyone only because I was in a better condition -happier, of course. I was sorry too that often I questioned God for giving me such terrible days full of tears and burden. I was sorry why I didn't think deeper and why I didn't question myself, instead of God. I was sorry too why my Dad told me this thing when I was this old, and not sooner:( but perhaps I wouldn't understand anything if it happened sooner since this thing requires life experience.

Anyway, thanks Kartina, for your 'reminder'. I learn things when I read your blog. Thanks for the others too because all of you teach me lots of things. I hope my blog can give you more than just a 'brief coffee break' - still unsure if the sugar and cream are to your taste, though. I'm trying, I'm trying.


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