And the Oscar goes to........

Today, I feel like a winner. Why? I have finished juggling with this page and finally I can launch this blog.
Just like those winners in the Oscard award, I think I'd like to thank some people for their contribution:
1) My hubby who inspired me to create this blog though it's not at all romantic in any sense. He is supposed to be the one who has to keep HIS BLOG running. Despite the pressure his friends have over him to always update his blog, he secretly confessed that he was not an inspiring writer. For that reason, I decided to have a blog of my own (see.. told you it's nothing romantic! But, he's not lying, guys. He is NOT an inspiring writer!).
2) Romodon who ACTUALLY and LITERALLY created this blog and cleaned up the mess I've done with this blog... (Now, I've said it. Satisfied?)
3) Linda, Romo, Asept, Nia, etc. who always push us to write our 'story' in Japan so that we don't lose track of each other.
4) Tony Hutabarat who sent me an invitation to join a website which provides a journal writing. I took that as "pleaseeeee don't send long email and un-open photos". Hahaha.... kidding:))
5) And finally to the most handsome, intelligent, kind-hearted, and loveliest person in the world: HIKARI RADZA HARDIAN who becomes my inspiration for everything good in this life.

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