Now, Time to Explore Honjo

We've been to some places in Tokyo and Yokohama, sorry to say, we'd never had a chance to explore our own 'neighborhood': HONJO. Until Tuesday, March 15.
The guys in Honjo city hall set up a one-day trip around Honjo for international students in Waseda university. It's supposed to introduce us with the life in Honjo. They've done quite a good job. Interesting places and a very nice bus, on behalf of the city hall (call it kewalikotaan if you like). Well, from 4 places that we visited -glass factory, resto, shrine, market- the resto and the shrine are especially unique.
We went to this Famous Soba-udon Resto for lunch. The resto is nice and the food -I'm certain- is delicious. I'm certain? Well, the thing is I'm not that adventurous when it comes to trying out food. So, I couldn't finish this must-have-been-quite-delicious soba (COLD noodle) because.... hmm... because... IT IS COLD! The noodle is cold!
After that we went to a temple/shrine. It's called Jinja, in Japanese. It's Kanasana Jinja. We watched Shinto wedding ceremony. They say these days there are not many Japanese who want to have a wedding ceremony in Shinto way. So, it's really a very rare opportunity! I took some photographs around the Jinja, and my friends took more photographs of me at the Jinja. Unfortunately, the rest of the photographs are still in my friends' camera. I'll upload them later when I get them:)) It's been quite a day.


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