haircutting in Japanese

MY FIRST HAIRCUT IN JAPAN! That's a thrilling experience. Believe me!
Haircutting is NOT an easy business for me. It'll give me bad dreams if it turns out 'bad'! SO....
How would you tell your hairstylist what s/he should do with you hair if both of you don't speak the same language? Gestures? Forget it! They don't work for haircutting. Imagine my hair! (not difficult, isn't it) Messy, irregular, curly, wavy, you name it. It's not long, not short. Some is flowing inside, other flowing outside. Really stubborn hair! Bad hair!
So I went to this salon called Cute Cut (hah?). This friendly (Thank GOD) stylist asked for something (something! because I don't understand what she said). I answered Nihonggo.. chotto (free translation: please please I don't speak Japanese that fluent! Could you speak Indonesian? Or English???!!!)... She was.. umm... confused (a bit flustered because she doesn't speak English). Then she handed me magazines showing types of hair. I pointed out one picture and then she began talking again with gestures. Both languages I don't understand, I've got a feeling though that she meant 'probably it won't look exactly the same as the picture because bla bla bla bla... So I said.. OK. WHATEVER. JUST CUT IT BUT DON'T CUT IT SHORT. I WANT TO HAVE LONG HAIR. NO SHORT CUT! NO SHORT! (I said exactly all of those sentences in English and Japanese. Broken Japanese. Really Broken Japanese! Just like broken leg, broken arm, broken neck) Fortunately all the rituals before cutting like washing, massaging, and all are EXCELLENT. Even the washing chair is excellent. No sore neck!
Thank GOD, it turned out good. No nightmares! Just short hair. Excellent, cute, smart, simple, shaggy short hair.
Wish you can see me....:)


    On 10:50 pm, October 05, 2006 Anonymous said...

    hoo.. bikin deg-degan aja.. ternyata happy ending ya.. btw di jepang pangkas rambut kan mahal banget ya...?

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