Hercule Poirot

In Japan, this week is offically the beginning of spring. In Honjo, however, the temperature is still 10-15C and the wind is still freezing as it has been for the last 4 months. The Honjo sakura tree which is supposed to be seen in Hanami festival (stands for festival to SEE the sakura flowers) on April 3rd, is still bold without any flowers at all:( Imagine that! Eja found an excuse for this still freezing and hard-blowing wind as geographically unfortunate -meaning: we are just so d**m unlucky because our city is surrounded by mountains that blow their cold wind down to us. Since I'm not a geography expert, I'm not going to comment on that.
Anyway, here I am still freezing from this unfriendly weather and still watching the weather forecast for any good news like TOMORROW WILL BE SUNNY AND WARM (in Japanese) -because IT IS sunny BUT NOT warm. Unfortunately, it seems like the only persons who think that it is STILL cold are JUST the two of US. While the rest of Honjo population already wear their spring apparels: you know, light sweater, T-shirt, and thin trousers, we are still wearing our winter clothes: winter jacket, double long-sleeved shirts, double thick trousers. Worst, I'm still wearing my wool cap, wool scarf, and winter gloves. There's no way I'm going to change this 'uniform' with a lighter one!!!
Today, we went to some stores a little bit far from house by bike. The sun appeared AND the wind still blew hard. I still wore my uniform. After biking for sometime, I realized something: the only people who wear these thick clothes....... are just the ELDERLY, the grandmas and granpas. Even kids wear lighter clothes!!! Then I realized something else: I just ridiculously look like the great detective Hercule Poirot who is famous for being overly dressed despite the weather...

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Well, at least, he is famous...


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